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Integr8 the ICiPS framework for change

Integr8,the ICiPS model to guide the development of continuous improvement strategy and delivery of change, is launched.

The model demands a wider focus than many traditional approaches. It recognises that investing time to understand the environment, emerging need and opportunities, is the key to delivering lasting success.

Inetgr8 explores:-

•Customer present and emerging needs.
•Organisation culture.
•Strategic drivers.
•Supply chain opportunities.
•Emerging technologies.

Integr8 guides the user through eight steps. It starts by developing a picture of the context within which change will be delivered before defining activities based on a clear understanding of the gap between delivery and customer need. It culminates with activities which ensure change is embedded and benefits tracked.

Alongside each step is a list of supporting resources and information which can be found on the ICiPS knowledge bank.

Integr8 is a model within a model. The same steps followed for the development and delivery of CI strategy as well as delivering change initiatives. No matter how large or small the change Integr8 will ensure the right questions are asked at the right time.

Integr8 aligns with the ICiPS maturity framework and skills audit.

Integr8 model is available to paying members on the knowledge bank.

An 8 day training course based on the Integr8 model, the tools and techniques listed, is available.

Download Integr8 Information

Download Maturity Assessment Information