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Continuous Improvement

Welcome to the Institute for Continuous Improvement in Public Services (ICiPS) Annual Conference & Awards 2020.

ICiPS has shaped Continuous Improvement (CI) into a professional standard recognised as a key management & leadership skill and model for our time.

Now in its 8th year the ICiPS National Conference & Awards has long been at the forefront of understanding that the development of a CI culture is an essential leadership and management capability for success in modern organisations.

Who are your professional architects of creative reform? Who leads on CI for you and what professional standard of experience makes change happen?

Continuous Improvement 2020 has some of the answers.

CI 2020 will present participants with a carefully curated set of insights and networking opportunities.

Expert speakers including Writer, Broadcaster and Policy Adviser to both the UK and Australian Prime Ministers, John McTernan will explore:

  • Developing a CI culture by adopting a holistic approach across core disciplines including HR, procurement, and finance as well as benchmarking success against the best in the sector
  • Key leadership skills and insight on building a CI culture in your organisation
  • New thinking on engaging staff and people in a commitment to CI; examining insights into people engagement and behaviour change
  • Ensuring professional standards in CI
  • Set out the increasing opportunities and impact of new technology and the implications of Artificial Intelligence

New for 2020

Continuous Improvement applies to all organisations and we at ICiPS are no exception.

As such for 2020 we have introduced new ways of participating in our annual conference to help you save time and money, all whilst reducing the environmental impact of conference participation.

We have introduced LIVE networking hubs in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Bristol where you can watch a facilitated live stream of the conference whilst networking and discussing the issues raised with regional peers.

Licences are also available for both individuals and organisations offering both live and on demand access to the conference presentations online. All the content, none of the hassle.

Find out more about these options and our ambition for Continuous Improvement in Conferencing.

Thank you for your time, we look forward to seeing you at Continuous Improvement 2020.

Debbie Simpson


Comments from our conference guests...

The keynote speaker alone would have made the day worthwhile

These events are always worthwhile

The best ever

Inspirational speakers

I learned a lot

Thankyou so much for an excellent event

If I had just heard Paul Sloane I would have thought it worthwhile , but the rest of the day was just as engaging – well done

I really enjoyed the day - some stimulating talks and really good discussion around our table. Thanks for all your work in organising the event

The best yet

Thankyou for organising such an informative day

I really enjoyed the ICiPS conference last week, it was great to learn about such diverse and innovative approaches to continuous improvement. I look forward to the next one!

Our objective - to find some accredited learning and identity 'nuggets' to learn best practice from - all met. Thank you.

Another excellent event.

The conference is testament to the professionalism of ICiPS.

Thank you for a very informative event, fantastic.