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in Public Services

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Learning from failure

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"The objectives of your organisation remain clear and right – to improve public service through collaboration, innovation and education. I value the work of ICiPS in bringing this community together and wish you success."

John Manzoni
Chief Executive of the Civil Service and the Permanent Secretary of the Cabinet Office

"I wanted to thank you for all the support you provided whilst I was at Ofgem. I learned so much."

Christina Roren

"The status of Professional Membership should not be under-estimated; whilst I continue with my own external research, Professional Membership has facilitated access to companies permitting my own research to proceed whilst promoting a reciprocal arrangement whereby I can input into the respective organisation's CI journey. Another prominent benefit is the network opportunities Networking opportunities."

DR Sanjay Bhasin

"ICiPS is about forward thinking in the public sector and making a difference. ICiPS can add real value and support to any individual who is serious about achieving continuous improvement within their organisation."

Fay Treloar
Operations Director Science City York

"I continue to recognise the importance of the Institute and value it offers both the public sector and the taxpayer."

The Rt Hon Francis Maude

"ICiPS provides me with a readily available resource to support our CI journey. I particularly value the opportunity to make the most of the research facility, this is an excellent membership benefit."

Helen Campbell
Acting Director of Business Consultancy Services, Centre for Applied Learning, and HR Connect Service Management and Development

"Bringing together a community of critically reflective individuals who challenge accepted practices and not only propose new ways of doing things but also new things to do."

Dr Amanda Gregory
Director of Learning and Teaching
University of Hull Business School

“Embedding continuous improvement principles and techniques in public services will be critical if they are going to respond effectively to today’s significant challenges. ICiPS is well placed to play a unique and pivotal role in this urgent task.”

Director, Lean Enterprise Research Centre
Cardiff University Business School

"Having deployed the principles on a front line Tornado Squadron to realise significant increases in output as well as winning back more time for people to take their leave and conduct personal development, I am utterly convinced of its value. The rewards are incredible."

Gp Capt I D Gale
Commanding Officer / Delivery Duty Holder RAF Lossiemouth

"Our ICIPS corporate membership affords a cost-effective opportunity to further professionalise our work, to learn and share best practise with others and to enhance career pathways for our people through accreditation."

Giles Bosworth,
Head of Value for Money Unit

"I am delighted to see the formation of this new body that promises to give professional support and credentials to those many workers in the Public Sector who are eager to embrace the concepts of continuous improvement."

Dr Brian Keighley
BMA Scotland

Welcome to the Institute for Continuous Improvement
in Public Services...

ICIPS is a charity that transcends sectors, disciplines, and methodologies, to place continuous improvement (CI) at the heart of public service delivery. The charity works across the UK and worldwide at two levels:

1. At Strategic level - bringing together senior leaders of organisations who are at the forefront of CI to explore and solve key challenges; and facilitating the development of peer-to-peer relationships that will ensure the UK public sector benefits from a strong, relevant and vibrant network of organisations supporting the delivery of CI.

2. At Tactical level – Supporting CI practitioners in the delivery of CI and upholding standards of practice.

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