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ICiPS commences research into public sector culture and its impact on change.

The first piece of research to be undertaken by ICiPS will explore the issues of culture and how this impacts the ability to deliver sustainable change. This research comes on the back of growing recognition that to maximise benefits there is real need to develop a culture that supports closer collaboration.
A report produced in July 2012 by News STV highlighted the challenges of achieving the desired outcomes from community planning partnerships (CPPs), which bring organisations together in order to improve services. Cultural barriers were cited as a "considerable, if not insurmountable, challenge" to joint working. To overcome this it was recognized that there is a need to break away from working in silos to share information and learning.
The full article can be found at: http://news.stv.tv/scotland/107447-cultural-change-needed-for-public-sector-bodies-to-work-together
A key objective of ICiPS is to encourage sharing of knowledge and improvement initiatives that cross boundaries, encouraging a culture that recognizes the value that can be derived from sharing skills and knowledge and initiating cross cutting initiatives.
The research to be initiated by ICiPS will explore cultural barriers to change and collaboration and identify how they can be overcome.
If you would like to contribute to this work please contactinfo@icips.org

ICiPS calls on members to provide insight that can support research that explores public sector cultural and its impact on change.


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