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The countdown to ICIPS' 10th anniversary year

2022 is our tenth anniversary and we hope you will join us in the celebratory events.

2022 is our tenth anniversary year. To celebrate we are bringing members together to share and learn, and taking the opportunity to build a legacy of collateral that will be useful to members in the coming years.
Starting at Birmingham on March 14th, we will be running a series of network events. These will culminate in our annual conference to be held in October.
As usual, our annual awards will be made at the conference, and we will take the opportunity to draw on the collective insight of delegates to shape questions that will form the basis of our next research program.
We plan to publish our first report providing bench-marking data and insight from our CI maturity assessment.
Finally, we will be collaborating with members in the development of a CI charter that organisations can sign up to.
So 2022 will be a busy and productive year; a fitting way to mark our milestone anniversary.
If you wish to be involved in any activities please contact debbie@icips.org.

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