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Learning from failure

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News round up

A busy time for ICIPS.

We would like to start our round up by welcoming our new Members from the UK, Australia, Italy and Belgium, we are developing a wonderfully rich and diverse membership and hope we can use this opportunity to learn from each other.
Congratulations go to the winners and runners up of our 2021 awards announced at our conference. The winners were Lancashire Count Council, Harrow Council and Sellafield Sites. The runners up were Network Rail Wales & Western Region, TMCC and MOJ, Essex County Council and SSCL. The closing date for 2022 award submissions is 01 March 2022.
The ICIPS mantra of Space Pace Brace, was warmly received as a way to remember the key steps when moving out of covid . SPACE is making time to be take stock – to be mindful and reflective, allowing people to reenergise and re-group , to consider the realities of new ways of working and reach a point where they can look objectively at any proposal for change. The second phase is BRACE; organisations must ensure continuation of service and wellbeing of employees whilst implementing any shift in working practice. Whether returning to old ways, or embracing new, organizations will have work and unwinding to do. Revisiting strategy and values is a key part of ‘ Bracing’ as employees will need clear direction of travel to keep aligned. The final step is PACE; the speed of implementing any change as we come out of the pandemic is critical, there are risks associated with going too fast and too slow. More on Space, Pace, Brace can be found on our website resource area.
Following the success of our 2021 conference, we are now working with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants on our 2022 conference when we hope we can meet with everyone face to face. This will be a celebration event to mark our 10th anniversary.
We are now organizing the next round of online events and have our fingers crossed for a face-to-face network event in Autumn. Details will be posted on our website calendar. One of the first we hope to announce is on robotics /process automation, but we welcome ideas for areas you are interested in hearing about; email info @icips.org.
Our new system for on-line training and building a portfolio for professional membership is up and running. The platform, Moodle, is the most popular open-source Learning Management System in the world with more than 78+ million users. We will be adding a series of CI exams, which can be used as evidence of underpinning knowledge for your professional membership application; these will be ready for autumn.
We are presently recruiting for two more Directors for our Board. The voluntary role involves helping to shape the future services provided by the Institute and it would suit a Fellow of ICIPS, a someone working at Director level with CI experience. We hold 3 to 4 meetings a year, one of which is a meeting in person, held the night before our conference. If you are interested in joining us please email debbie@icips.org for further details.

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