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Research highlights challenges in collaborative working

Overall 65% of participants consider collaborations to have been a success, however the work highlights that there are many challenges to be overcome.

People Matters Network have started to build a picture of what people think about collaboration. So far over 300 public sector employees have shared their opinions including those working in healthcare; adult social services; children’s services; education and local government.
Over 50% say that collaborations are good in the following areas:
• Explaining what’s important
• Creating a common purpose
• Agreeing leadership
• Spending time on relationships
• Involving the service user in decisions

However on the negative side Over 60% of respondents felt that collaborations are poor/average in
• Holding partners to account
• Being frank about each others strengths/limitations
• Mobilising new resources
• Adopting a whole systems approach
• Building political backing
• Sharing resources

The full report can be downloaded from our knowledge area.
To participate in this work contact www.peoplemattersnetwork.com or jonathan.bostock@peoplemattersnetwork.com

Download the full report.