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ICiPS MAT Survey Tool

A FREE and essential tool for any organisation who is serious about continuous improvement.

ICiPS launches a CI maturity assessment tool

The ICiPS maturity matrix provides a new and innovative approach to assessing the maturity of continuous improvement at every level of an organisation.

The ICiPS maturity matrix recognises that it is the links between functions and activities that drives CI, as opposed to other models which look at pockets of activity. This unique approach provides excellent understanding of how well developed an organisations CI culture and capability is.
The matrix presents a series of statements which are used to promote conversation, challenge assumptions and identify ways to improve.
Each area of the organisation takes part, including support functions, scoring how closely they meet the statement. The output provides a graphical picture of maturity and plan of action for improvements.
The model aligns with the elements of the ICiPS professional development framework as well as our strap line Connect, Develop, Deliver, Improve.
for more detail contact info@icips.org