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How can you get leaders on board with CI?


1 Answers

"Though I believe that to embed CI across an organisation, it must be lead from the top, I also recognise that there are few public services that can demonstrate that they have that type of leadership in place. From my experience the best way to get leaders to ‘buy in’ to having a CI approach is to use CI to solve/improve an element of their service. I have found it best if this is done quietly with staff from the area full involved (when it is successful they will champion the approach) , ensuring you have the correct measures in place to be able to demonstrate the impact of the CI initiative.

In terms of reporting that success, which also demonstrates the approach you have taken, I have found using an A3 Report very useful in conveying the problem was, what data/information was used to analysis this, what was identified for a solution, what the high level action plan was and finally what the impact has been.

Implementing CI from the bottom up may not be easy; however it is certainly not impossible."

Richard Wylde
ICiPS Expert

20 Feb 2017