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2017 Speakers

A photo of Alec Steel

Alec Steel

Alec works for the UK National Audit Office examining public spending for UK Parliament. He leads the operations and process management practice looking at government’s ability to design and run well managed services.

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A photo of Ray Bennett

Ray Bennett

Ray is a facilitative leader with a clear understanding of how process driven operations change the climate of an organisation. His experience in facilitating/coaching and leading teams to find a better sustainable method of delivering against their key operating plan initiatives has enabled major change in the manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, finance, shared services and utilities sectors.

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A photo of Barney Smith

Barney Smith

Barney is a Smart Society Leader with particular experience in Sustainable Development, Innovation and Technology.

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Unknown person

Nokia Representative

A photo of Dr David Hardman

Dr David Hardman MBE
Chief Executive Officer Innovation Birmingham Ltd

A photo of Esther Roughsedge

Esther Roughsedge & Victoria Avila

Esther Roughsedge and Victoria Avila are Government Statisticians working at the National Records of Scotland (NRS), which is a non-ministerial department of the Scottish Government. NRS produces official demographic statistics, drawn from the Census and other sources, to inform government policy, medical, academic and other research.

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Max Moullin

Max Moullin
Director of the Public Sector Scorecard Research Centre

Max is director of the Public Sector Scorecard Research Centre and a visiting fellow at Sheffield Business School, where he was a principal lecturer in quality and performance management for over 25 years.

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A photo of Phil Mayhew

Phil Mayhew
Associate Director of Koru Services
No More Heroes; Why Continuous Improvement is Everybody's Business

Phil Mayhew has over 30 years experience in the public sector focusing for the last 10 years on business improvement and service operations management at a senior level.

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A photo of Phil Mayhew

Chris Gross
OS Relationship Manager
Ordnance Survey
Transforming the public sector
with location data

Our data is at the heart of policy making and public services delivery, and allows for better exchange of data between citizens, commercial and government.

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A photo of Dr Sanjay Bhasin

Dr Sanjay Bhasin

Dr Sanjay Bhasin is an accredited senior Lean/Continuous improvement (CI) practitioner with high-ranking management experience within the industrial, education and public sectors. Having trained as a lean champion in industry with Royal Doulton Plc; he then worked as a senior consultant/lecturer with the Staffordshire University Regional Federation primarily as a Consultant to over thirty external organisations. His present position as Head of Assurance for the National Probation Service has provided a thorough knowledge of the public sector.

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C21L - Leadership for the 21st Century

That was then, this is now...
what’s different about Leadership in the 21st Century?

Leadership for the 21st Century (C21L) is a collaboration between Anne MacNab of Amicas Business Solutions and Isla McCrone of Action Provocateurs.

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