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Pre-bookable Sessions

Breakout Sessions

Lean Competency Services - “Lean in public services: value confusion?”

Over the past two decades, there has been a substantial growth in the adoption of lean thinking by many public service organisations. This interactive workshop will challenge participants to critically evaluate how lean has been applied and consider its impact, strengths and weaknesses, with a particular focus on the notion of ‘customer value’. Participants will be invited consider how lean principles for public services could be re-shaped to enhance their relevance, sustainability, impact and effectiveness in a post-Brexit environment

Pre-bookable One-to-one Advice:

Lean Competency Services - "The role accreditation can play in building CI capability, fostering engagement and developing a sustainable CI culture".

Change Management in Public Services
Kaizen Institute

With aging populations and increasing electoral pressure to see improvement to public services without the increase of costs has motivated many public entities to implement Lean and Kaizen tools. The Kaizen Institute would like to share how it supported the application of tools to reduce process lead times and increase the efficiency of the organisation. The case studies that will be presented will show how these transformations have been supported by changes to the organisational structure and what tools have been used to ensure sustainability.

How you can run your (continuous) improvement projects better?
We are Lean and Agile

This is a workshop based on the learning from multiple projects across many public and private sector organisations shared in the session. How can we improve our process for improvement projects (why don’t we review this more often)? What challenges to do we all find and how might we address them (interactive session)? How are others from the UK and the Netherlands doing it better? What does that look like?.

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